Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dry Erase Paint in CoWorking Office Space

CoWorking Space is getting to be really big in the world of entrepreneurship. More and more spaces are opening up in cities across the world.

Coworking space in general is really powerful because it provides entrepreneurs opportunity to connect and collaborate in person. Face to face collaboration can be really powerful and meaningful, and are a much needed break from all of the virtual online communications that modern business owners get bogged down in.

I just recently moved into a coworking space in my city, and the experience has been amazing. The connections that I've made, and partnerships that have been forming have made the expense of it pay for itself.

One of the most useful tools in this space is a conference room that is completely covered with dry erase paint. The walls become a blank slate for ideas, brainstorms, and collaborative mind-mapping. This whiteboard concept produces a highly engaging and thought provoking meeting space where all can view the thoughts flowing, drawings, patterns and words that are all coming together. it's also a great environment for all to participate since its big enough and it covers all walls to add dimension.

Be sure to checkout co-working environments in your city, and if they don't have the whiteboard wall conference room yet, set one up for them, or at least paint the walls of your own office! (Our office used Remarkable paint and it's awesome)You'll love it and find yourself more productive.